Bookmaker offers in India

Betting and gambling have a long history in diverse parts of India. Use of one or the other stuff on the stake in exchange for winning, or double or nothing are the commonly used gambling plots used all around. The prominence of gambling has been modified with the introduction of a powerful tool called the Internet. The Internet today is ruling all across the world by providing numerous businesses with a firm platform to grow.

Types of bookmakers offer in India

Every betting site is reliable in the way that they are legal and they offer the same service. Although, you can check the differences between them. Some have better odds; others offer better accumulator odds; others offer cash-out, others not; others have better promotions and deposit bonuses among other benefits. In essence, more or less best betting sites offer similar conditions for bookies in India
You have to pay attention to the sites that offer you the best odds.
There is a clear difference between betting sites. In this connection, we will highlight 2 major types of bookmaker offers, available on the market: sharp and soft bookmakers. Let us explain to you what it is:

  1. Soft Bookmakers – Soft bookmakers target the leisure bookie and sometimes have more attractive odds. Simultaneously, they severely limit the accounts of winning players – or even block them. Their odds do not adhere to the real probabilities of a game and do not change instantaneously as soon as a new piece of news comes out. Their spread is usually around 6-8%. They can afford to offer better odds because their clients tend to invest money – a result of their action towards profitable bookies, as well.
  2. Sharp Bookmakers – Sharp bookmakers have odds that better reflect the true probabilities of a match. These are being continuously updated by statistical models and real-time processing of news and sentiment. Their spread is a lot more competitive, being between 1.7-2.0%. They do not limit the accounts of any players – thus, “they welcome winners”. Their business model is then built around the volume of bets: they accept large bets as they are more certain of their odds’ calculations. Despite making less money percentage-wise, they compensate via a larger amount being placed in each bet. Examples of the Sharp Bookmaker are: 4rabet, Fun88, Parimatch, Betway, Dafabet

So, in the 2nd case, you are betting against other users. A bookmaker just takes a fee by acting as a marketplace.

Tips for successful betting

  1. Be consistent and never miss a game day.
  2. Be disciplined and never be tempted to chase your losses.Be disciplined and stick to the amount you stake whether you win or lose.
  3. Be timely to book your bets at least 3 hours before the main event starts for best odds.
  4. Be open-minded and know that you shall win and lose but your wins shall cover your losses more by your consistency and discipline.
  5. Last but not the least, always withdraw your wins to your bank account and leave only your minimum betting amount, and never get tempted to increase your staking amount for whatever reason (in case you have not increased your minimum betting amount).

How to keep the winnings: real example

For example, if your target for a day is 5 events, you can divide your minimum betting amount into 10 places to make sure you have two rounds for two days. So, INR 1,000 divided by 10 equals INR 100 per event/coupon. With this value, any day that does not go well you can still play your bets completely the following day because every day you use INR 500 for 5 events/coupons. Any day you have INR 1,000 plus you withdraw the plus to your account while leaving your threshold/minimal capital of INR 1,000. Any day you feel like increasing your stake amount you make sure you increase your threshold/minimal capital proportionately to maintain your profit level. Let’s consider INR 200 increase means INR 1000 for 5 coupons/stakes and INR 2000 minimal threshold value i.e., INR 2000 divided by 10 equals INR 200 per stake/coupon and 5 coupons/stakes per day means INR 1000 per day.

Conclusion –

To conclude, the main advice would be to invest in Sharp Bookmakers (like 4rabet, Fun88, Parimatch, Betway, Dafabet) because their odds are much closer to reality and they only charge you a small fee, compared to Soft Bookmakers.

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