These 2 Tips for IPL Betting Would Make You a Betting Pro

A new year is a fresh start for one and all alike, and the annual events in one’s life pay dividend to the very idea of starting from scratch, or to a new beginning—and festivals are the epitome of such annual events. In the life of an ardent cricket fan in general and an Indian one in specific, the IPL is one such event.

The IPL, ever since its inception over a decade ago, has caught the cricketing world by storm—never before has the average Indian audience witnessed such a beautiful combination of exhilarating cricket as well as core entertainment. The IPL has not only paved the way for new and exciting cricket (albeit keeping the true sense of the game intact) but has also resulted in further ramifications in terms of what happens off the field—and IPL betting is one such example. In this regard, for the passive participants who try to correctly determine the future course of events in a good game of IPL, here are a few IPL betting tips that could help one attain the status quo of a pro-bookmaker. It is important to understand that there are no technical ‘tricks’ one can use, for most of the ‘tricks’ are simply deductions made after long periods of observation. There are no shortcuts or ‘tricks’ when it comes to becoming a betting pro.

Follow the Game Religiously—Homework is Quintessential

It does not take rocket science to understand that the first step to earning money efficiently through IPL is to follow records efficiently—explains why the highest earners are the ones who follow the game religiously. If one is not as deeply sunk into the idea of statistics and scorecards by watching the live game, one can always make the most out of other means to stay in touch with the course of the game. For instance, telecom companies provide scorecard updates through SMS for ones who cannot tune in to the game and do not have immediate access to the game. It is important to constantly stay in touch with scorecards to maximize efficiency.

The homework bit comes before and after the game and is closely related to understanding conditions, players, and as a key bookmaker would say, patterns. Before a match begins, one should do their homework about stadium conditions, player forms, player records at grounds, and so on. For instance, predicting a pacer’s game at Eden Gardens is a rather cretinous move, considering how slow the outfield is usually, and how slow a pitch it is for the most part—and instead choosing a spinner as Man of the Match makes more sense, considering it is a spinners’ paradise. One needs to monitor such statistics and watch as many games about certain players as possible to increase confidence about their bets and calls.

Short Term Calls, Long Term Goals

Cricket betting is like a good game of test cricket—it is extremely important to keep building stance and stabilizing one’s momentum before one goes for the odd or risky shot. Similarly, when one is putting forth a great deal of money into betting, it is important to segment and distributes their betting money as much as it is important to progressively increase betting amounts instead of splurging it all at once.

It is safe to state that one should refrain from making big fat bets all at once. One needs to realize that the social-media life of glamour as shown by gambling legends is an absurd and far-fetched example of big money, and the ruthless, real-world usage of online betting has very little to resemble, let alone emulate. The real world of online betting has risks big enough to make one go bankrupt overnight, and therefore it becomes essential to place small bets and progress steadily. This also plays dividends to the idea of keeping emotions and attachments at bay—it does not matter if one is a die-hard fan of Virat Kohli, but betting big money on Royal Challengers’ Bangalore to win the title would be too far-fetched, as far as statistics are concerned.

To Conclude—Stay Grounded

There will obviously be times when one does not make a dime, but instead, starts bleeding a fair amount. There will also be times when one is in cloud nine, betting as accurately as having met with divine intervention. No matter what the clause, one should know that betting below one’s means is the best way to avoid monetary as well as emotional losses. Moreover, one should never lose sight of the fact that a good game of cricket is to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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